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Tommy boys, lesbian men and ancestral wives : female same-sex practices in Africa

Verfasst von: Morgan, Ruth [weitere]
Auckland Park: Jacana , 2007 , 335 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Morgan, Ruth; Wieringa, Saskia
Ausgabe: Repr.
Jahr: 2007
Maße: 21cm
ISBN: 1770090932
Sprache: Englisch
This book was conceptualized around Ruth Morgan's kitchen table in the lead up to the fourth International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) conference, themed 'Sex and Secrecy' held in Johannesburg in 2003. The authors thought of hosting a session on same-sex experiences among women in Africa, but found that this aspect of life in Africa has been neglected or ignored by activists and academics in Africa. To address this gap in research on same-sex practices in Africa by Africans, they initiated the African Womens Life Story Project, which provided training to nine women activists who identified as lesbian, from six different African countries, to do such research. The participants were trained in Johannesburg in conducting life history interviews on womens same-sex relations and practices, to code and transcribe these interviews, and analyse them. The women returned to their countries where they collected 3-5 personal narratives from women involved in same-sex relationships or with same-sex practices. These interviews became the basis for their presentations at the IASSCS conference in Johannesburg, where each woman presented her findings and experiences in a full conference session. Eight of these presentations have been included in the book.
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