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Introduction to gender studies in Eastern and Southern Africa : a reader

Verfasst von: Etim, James S.
Rotterdam: Sense Publishers , 2016 , 286 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Etim, James S.
Jahr: 2016
ISBN: 9463005560
Sprache: Englisch
This book highlights the issues affecting women in Eastern and Southern Africa – what role does custom and patriarchy play in gender disparities in education, access to health, problems in the workplace and family relationships? How have women writers in the last twenty years presented the issues of patriarchy, women’s rights, globalism and women’s holistic development? What are recent developments that have helped improve the situation for some women? These are some of the issues that are covered in this book. The thesis of this book is that there have been policies and strategies developed that have worked to empower women. However, vestiges of sexism, gender disparities in several fields still remain and traditions/customs and patriarchy have aided in still keeping women down. Contents: Quo Vadis Women’s and Gender Studies in Africa? - Fester, Gertrude * Women and Society in Female Authored Short Stories and Poems From Namibia - Etim, James * Local Contexts, Local Theory - Naidu, Maheshvari * Reinforcement Or Transformation - Hingston, Claudine * Women as Mediators in South Africa - Anderson, Connie M. * African Marriages in Transformation - Pauli, Julia * LGBTI Rights and Experiences in Three Southern African Nations - Lafont, Suzanne * Women, Education and Sustainable Development in Sudan - Etim, James (et al.) * Women in Teaching and Educational Administration in Kenya - Ombati, Victor F. O. * Women and Entrepreneurship Development – The Case of South Africa - Rena, Ravinder * Women and Small Scale Entrepreneurship - Matsoso, Mamorena Lucia (et al.) * Women, Land Use, Property Rights and Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe - Chigwenya, Average (et al.) * The Role of Women in Political Decision Making in East and Southern Africa - Masinde, Michael Wabomba * Gender and HIV in Namibia - Gentz, Shelene (et al.) * Women and State Violence in Zimbabwe, 2000–2008 - Mutanda, Darlington (et al.)
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