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Queer globalizations : citizenship and the afterlife of colonialism

Herausgegeben von: Cruz-Malavé, Arnaldo
New York, NY [u. a.]: New York Univ. Press , 2002 , 274 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Herausgegeben von: Cruz-Malavé, Arnaldo
Schriftenreihe: Sexual cultures
Jahr: 2002
Maße: 23 cm
ISBN: 0814716245
Sprache: Englisch
Globalization has a taste for queer cultures. Whether in advertising, film, performance art, the internet, or in the political discourses of human rights in emerging democracies, queerness sells and the transnational circulation of peoples, identities and social movements that we call "globalization" can be liberating to the extent that it incorporates queer lives and cultures. From this perspective, globalization is seen as allowing the emergence of queer identities and cultures on a global scale. The essays in Queer Globalizations bring together scholars of postcolonial and lesbian and gay studies in order to examine from multiple perspectives the narratives that have sought to define globalization. In examining the tales that have been spun about globalization, these scholars have tried not only to assess the validity of the claims made for globalization, they have also attempted to identify the tactics and rhetorical strategies through which these claims and through which global circulation are constructed and operate. Introduction: Dissident Sexualities/ Alternative Globalisms - Arnaldo Cruz-Malave and Martin F. Manalansan * PART 1: GLOBALIZATION AND DISSIDENT SEXUALITIES The Wily Homosexual (First-and Necessarily Hasty-Notes) - Silviano Santiago * Dissident Globalizations, Emancipatory Methods, Social-Erotics - Chela Sandoval * "There Are No Lesbians Here": Lesbianisms, Feminisms, and Global Gay Formations - Katie King * PART 2: QUEER VALUES IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY Can Homosexuals End Western Civilization As We Know It? Family Values in Global Economy - Janet R. Jakobsen * Family Affairs: The Discourse of Global/Localization - Miranda Joseph * Redecorating the International Economy: Keynes, Grant, and the Queering of Bretton Woods - Bill Maurer * Consuming lifestyle: Commodity Capitalism and Transformations in Gay Identity - Ann Pellegrini * PART 3: DIASPORIC QUEER IDENTITIES Local Sites/Global Contexts: The Transnational Trajectories of Deepa Mehta's Fire - Gayatri Gopinath * Dancing La Vida Loca: The Queer Nuyorican Performances of Arthur Avilés and Elizabeth Marrero - Lawrence M. La Fountain-Stokes * Syncretic Religion and Dissident Sexualities - Roberto Strongman * PART 4: THE NATION AS GLOBAL BORDER Stealth Bombers of Desire: The Globalization of "Alterity" in Emerging Democracies - Cindy Patton "Strangers on a Train": Sexual Citizenship and the Politics of Public Transportation in Apartheid Cape Town - William L. Leap * Like Blood for Chocolate, Like Queers for Vampires: Border and Global Consumption in Rodriguez, Tarantino, Arau, Esquivel, and Troyano (Notes on Baroque, Camp, Kitsch, and Hybridization) - Joseba Gabilondo
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