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Same-sex marriage in Latin America : promise and resistance

Verfasst von: Pierceson, Jason
Lanham [Md.]: Lexington Books , 2013 , 176 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Pierceson, Jason
Jahr: 2013
Maße: 22 cm
ISBN: 0739167022
Sprache: Englisch
This book is a follow-up volume to "Same-Sex Marriage in the Americas" published in 2010. It sheds light on regional, national, and individual-level factors that have led to major developments for same-sex relationship equality in Latin America and explores institutional, political, and social barriers for same-sex couples in the region. The first section of the book deals with general aspects of same-sex rights and policies in the Americas; including public opinion regarding same-sex marriage, diffusion of policy innovations for same-sex couples, judicialization of LGBT rights, and the role of the left in support of same-sex rights in Latin America. The second section examines country-cases regarding same-sex policies in Latin America and includes separate chapters on Central America, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay. Overall, this research is innovative and unique because it covers the understudied policies of same-sex relationships in Latin America, despite its recent major developments, and includes both regional and national level analyses to explain such developments. Contents: 1: Diffusion of Same-Sex Policies in Latin America - Adriana Piatti-Crocker * 2: The Lavender Tide? LGBT Rights and the Latin American Left Today - Shawn Schulenberg * 3: Support for Same-Sex Marriage in Latin America - Germán Lodola and Margarita Corral * 4: Variations in the Judicialization of Same-Sex Marriage Politics in Latin America - Jason Pierceson * 5: Same-Sex Partnership Rights in Central America: The Case of Panama - Shawn Schulenberg * 6: The Creation of Civil Partnerships in Uruguay - Diego Sempol * 7: Same-Sex Couples in Colombia: Three Models for their Legal and Political Recognition - Daniel Bonilla * 8: Legal Mobilization and the Road to Same-Sex Marriage in Argentina - Maria Gracia Andía * 9: The Battle for Marriage Equality in Mexico, 2001-2011 - Genaro Lozano
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