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Einrichtung: TERRE DES FEMMES | Berlin
Signatur: M 04 78
Herausgegeben von: UNFPA ; UNICEF
Jahr: 2018
Sprache: Deutsch
Child marriage in West and Central Africa is one of\[W9]\the biggest challenges in the region and has enormous\[W9]\adverse effects on education, health, including sexual\[W9]\and reproductive health, and on the overall development\[W9]\of adolescents and youth. This brochure provides recent\[W9]\data and analysis of child marriage in the region.\[W9]\This brochure has been developed following the\[W9]\successful High Level Meeting on Child Marriage in\[W9]\West and Central Africa held in Senegal in October 2017.\[W9]\This was the first-ever High Level Event on Child\[W9]\Marriage in the region. It is also been developed to\[W9]\support the African Union (AU) work on ending child\[W9]\marriage on the continent. It has been produced within\[W9]\the framework of the UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme\[W9]\to Accelerate Action to End Child Marriage as a\[W9]\resource for stakeholders working on, or researching,\[W9]\the issue of child marriage in West and Central Africa.
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