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Feminism for the Americas : the making of an international human rights movement

Verfasst von: Marino, Katherine M.
Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press , 2019 , 354 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Marino, Katherine M.
Schriftenreihe: Gender and American culture
Jahr: 2019
Maße: 24,5 cm
ISBN: 1469649691
Sprache: Englisch
US-historian Marino has written a new narrative of feminism in the Americas – with multi-lingual and multi-national research she so can reject the general view of the inferior role of Latin American feminists. In fact since the early 1920s „Feministas americanas“ have been the driving force behind the acclamation of „Human Rights are Women’s Rights“ and the globalization of the feminist agenda. In order to proof this Marino chose a rather extraordinary approach: Western and Latin American feminists had known each other very well via Pan-American conferences at that time and also corresponded a lot among each other. Using these documents Marino tells the story along with six remarkable American women, their debates, friendships, conflicts and accomplishments. The book is arranged in escalating chapters: demanding an international law for women’s equal rights; anti-imperialist origins of international women’s rights; outcomes of „The Great Feminist Battle of Montevideo“ in 1933; and the many necessary efforts to successfully claim „Women’s Rights as Human Rights“ into the „Constitution of the World“. A book that as well entertains as it presents a huge amount of new facts in global feminist history.
Feminismo americano -- A new force in the history of the world -- The anti-imperialist origins of international women's rights -- Feminismo práctico -- The great feminist battle of Montevideo -- The birth of popular front Pan-American feminism -- United fronts for women's rights and for human rights -- Mobilizing women's rights as human rights -- The Latin American contribution to the constitution of the world -- Epilogue: history and human rights
This book chronicles the dawn of the global movement for women's rights in the first decades of the twentieth century. The founding mothers of this movement were not based primarily in the United States, however, or in Europe. Instead, Katherine M. Marino introduces readers to a cast of remarkable Latin American and Caribbean women whose deep friendships and intense rivalries forged global feminism out of an era of imperialism, racism, and fascism. Six dynamic activists form the heart of this story: from Brazil, Bertha Lutz; from Cuba, Ofelia Domingez Navarro; from Uruguay, Paulina Luisi; from Panama, Clara Gonzalez; from Chile, Marta Vergara; and from the United States, Doris Stevens. This Pan-American network drove a transnational movement that advocated women's suffrage, equal pay for equal work, maternity rights, and broader self-determination. Their painstaking efforts led to the enshrinement of women's rights in the United Nations Charter and the development of a framework for international human rights. But their work also revealed deep divides, with Latin American activists overcoming U.S. presumptions to feminist superiority. As Marino shows, these early fractures continue to influence divisions among today's activists along class, racial, and national lines. Marino's multinational and multilingual research yields a new narrative for the creation of global feminism. The leading women introduced here were forerunners in understanding the power relations at the heart of international affairs. Their drive to enshrine fundamental rights for women, children, and all people of the world stands as a testament to what can be accomplished when global thinking meets local action.
enthält bibliographische Angaben, Index (S. 341-352)
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