Rural Women and Grassroots Feminism : stories from women farmworkers in Brazil

Verfasst von: Mendonca, Maria Luisa
in: Frauensolidarität
Wien : 2019 Heft: 1 , 22-23 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Mendonca, Maria Luisa
In: Frauensolidarität
Jahr / Datum: 2019
Heft: 1
ISSN: 1023-1943
Sprache: Englisch
The author collects stories from women farmworkers in Brazil in order to show their biggest difficulties and their most important struggles. The article gives some examples, e.g. the "dual oppression" of women as responsible for unpaid labor in the household plus on the fields in order to provide food for their families. Further topics of the article are health care, migration, social benefits, equal pay etc. The author strongly insists that knowing these stories means supporting a new agricultural system.
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