Nothing For Us Without Us! : new forms of self-organisation by workers in the informal economy

Verfasst von: Horn, Pat
in: Frauensolidarität
Wien : 2018 Heft: 1 , 20-21 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Verfasst von: Horn, Pat
In: Frauensolidarität
Jahr / Datum: 2018
Heft: 1
ISSN: 1023-1943
Sprache: Englisch
The author herself is co-ordinator with StreetNet, and she describes how it is not only possible but necessary for workers in the informal economy to organise. The author points out how trade unions must change their approach towards street vendors or waste pickers in order to reach them. The author also lists the key challenges for changing the working conditions and introducing worker's rights to the informal economy. Women leadership would have significant impact on self-organisations.
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