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Feminist theory : from margin to center

Verfasst von: Hooks, Bell
London : Pluto Press , 2000 , 179 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Formatangabe: Monographie
Verfasst von: Hooks, Bell
Ausgabe: 2. ed
Jahr / Datum: 2000
Maße: 23 cm
ISBN: 0745316646
Sprache: Englisch
In this updated text of sexual politics, bell hooks argues that the contemporary feminist movement must establish a new direction for the future. A leading cultural critic, she contends that feminism has not succeeded in creating a mass movement against sexism because the foundation of the women's movement has not fully accounted for the complexity and diversity of female experience. In order to fulfil its revolutionary potential, feminist theory must begin by consciously transforming its own definition to encompass the lives and ideas of women on the margin. This new edition includes an original preface by the author that brings it up to date.
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