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Gender equality and decent work : good practices at the workplace

Herausgegeben von: Bureau for Gender Equality
Geneva : ILO , 2005 , 121 S.

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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Formatangabe: Monographie
Herausgegeben von: Bureau for Gender Equality
Körperschaft: Internationales Arbeitsamt / Bureau for Gender Equality
Schriftenreihe: <<A>> gender equality tool
Ausgabe: 2. print.
Jahr: 2005
ISBN: 9221169928
Sprache: Englisch
Drawing on the practices and experiences of 25 countries, this book shows how governments, employers' organizations and trade unions around world bring gender equality into their institutional structures, policies, programmes and activities. Examples of good practices are arranged into eight thematic categories such as the use of sex-disaggregated data; strategic partnerships; multi-sectoral approaches in legislation, policies and strategies; and strategically placed gender expertise. Designed to stimulate fresh ideas and invite adaptation, the book provides step-by-step outlines of the actions undertaken to make the various aspects of good gender practice visible and comparable, thereby making it easier for readers to identify those aspects most relevant to their own situations.
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