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Einrichtung: Frauensolidarität | Wien
Formatangabe: Monographie
Verfasst von: Walsum, Sarah Katherine van; Spijkerboer, T.
Jahr / Datum: 2007
Maße: 24cm
ISBN: 1904385656
  • I. Geopolitical context: Jaqueline Bhabha: Border rights and rites: generalisations, stereoptypes and gendered migration (S. 15); Linda Bosniak: Citizenship, noncitizenship and the status of the foreign domestic (S. 35); Judith Resnik: Gendered borders and United States' sovereignity (S. 44); European perspectives: Nora Markard: Gendered violence in "new wars": challenges to the Refugee Convention (S. 67); Rutvica Andrijasevic: Problematising trafficking for the sex sector: a case of eastern European women in the EU (S. 86); Laura Maria Agustin: A migrant world of services (S. 104); Guy Mundlak: Gender, migration and class: why are "live-in" domestic workers not compensated for overtime? (S. 123); Betty de Hart: The right to domicile of women with a migrant partner in European immigration law (S. 142); III. National case studies: Bettina Haidinger: Transnational contingency: the domestic work of migrant women in Austria (S. 163); Aisha Gill, Kaveri Sharma: Response and responsibility: domestic violence and marriage migration in the UK (S. 183); Catherine Raissiguier: French immigration laws: the sans-papiéres' perspective (S. 204); Siobhán Mullally: Crossing borders: gender, citizenship and reproductive autonomy in Ireland (S. 223); Isabel Crowhurst: Socio-political and legal representations of migrant women sex labourers in Italy: between discourse and praxis (S. 241)
  • Sprache: Englisch
    The authors of this anthology look at immigration law from a gender perspective. The book shows how immigration law situates gender conflicts outside the national order, projecting them onto non-western countries, exotic cultures, clandestine labour and criminal organizations. In doing so, immigration law sustains the illusion that gender conflicts have moved beyond the pale of European experience. In fact, the classical feminist themes of patriarchy, the gendered division of labour and sexual violence are still being played out at the heart of Europe's societies, involving both citizens and migrants. This collection of essays demonstrates how the seemingly marginal perspective of immigration law highlights Europe's unresolved gender conflicts and how a gender perspective can help us to rethink immigration law. The book is divided into three parts: geopolitical context, European perspectives, national case studies. The national case studies are reports and analysesabout Austria, United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Italy.
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